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Traditional Piece
Little Sister by dragontamer75
The Doctor by dragontamer75
Bacterial Contamination by dragontamer75
A full sized picture drawn or painted by hand.
For 200 points more, I can send you the original drawing/painting; you just have to give me your address.
Colored Picture
Attack On Aperture by dragontamer75
For the Love of Science by dragontamer75
Simon Petrikov Is Dead by dragontamer75
Digitally drawn and colored. This would take a bit more time than regular pictures.
I am horrible with backgrounds....
This One's Cool so its Explained Below
Give me a picture. ANY picture. I will design a character based off that picture. That character is yours to keep.
Character Bust
Yomi by dragontamer75
An Angel Named Lucy by dragontamer75
Xerxes by dragontamer75
Character from shoulders up.
OC drawing
Character Color Guide by dragontamer75
Victor Kelvin by dragontamer75
The Leviathan Consciousness by dragontamer75
Full body drawing of your OC. You must provide a reference. 100 points for each character in the picture
Heads Or Tails by dragontamer75
Dhmis Chibi's by dragontamer75
Lots of Xerxes by dragontamer75
Pretty self explanatory
Little Bo Peep by dragontamer75
Who Are You Running From by dragontamer75
Science by dragontamer75
Sketch. It would be quickly done but hopefully good quality.



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So I want to make my group :iconevil-ais: a super group but I need some help! Any donation, no matter how small, will be helpful!

Any points not put toward the group goal will be given to other deviants ^^

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Stolen from :iconokamimusume:

Using Xerxes

1. [/] They are possessed by an angel. (He kinda becomes an "angel" sooo)
2. [ ] They are possessed by a demon. 
3. [ ] They are a werewolf/vampire/faerie. 
4. [ ] They are physically strong. (He'd like to think so, but no)
5. [ ] They have a rare hair/fur colour. 
6. [ ] Their eyes are an unusual color.
7. [ ] This eye color happens to be red.
8. [ ] Their eyes change color. 
9. [/] They have wings. (Ehh eventually)
10. [/] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift. (Ascend to a god-like state and you get a free pair of wings, call now  AND ALSO GET A TAIL)
11. [/] They are immortal. (Basically. Several millions of years counts doesn't it)
12. [ ] [If female.] They have large boobs.
13. [ ] [If male.] They are very muscular.
14. [ ] They are very attractive to the opposite gender. (Yes ladies get in line to date the three-limbed sterile socially awkward giraffe)
15. [ ] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc. 
16. [ ] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc. 
17. [ ] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers. 
18. [ ] They have a special ability/power, but they don't know about it yet. 
19. [ ] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers. 
20. [X] They are a healer. (Battle Medic yooo)
21. [X] They are from a very rich/royal family. (Well he was until the whole gun fiasco)
22. [ ] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background. 
23. [ ] They have lost one/both of their parents.
24. [ ] They ran away from home.
25. [X] Their parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc. (hIS DAD SHOT HIM aND THEN TrIEd tO DROWN HIM YEAH I'D SAY A LITTLE CRUEL)
26. [X] They witnessed one/both of their parent's death. (he saw his mama pass away but she was old and had a good life so it was all good)
27. [X] They are part angel/demon/faerie/some other mythical creature. (HOW ABOUT PART GOD haha get on his level)
28. [ ] They never knew their parents. (I bet he wishes he didn't)
29. [X] They were abused/spoiled as a child. (DID I MENTION THE GUN I THINK I DID)
30. [ ] They are very attractive to the same gender.
31. [X] They have lots of friends/no friends. (He has a bunch of cool friends/siblings)
32. [ ] They are emo/cutesy. (He's too kawaii for your BS)
33. [ ] They look much younger/older than they really are.
34. [ ] They are currently in a relationship. 
35. [ ] They have lots of morals and declare them a fair bit. 
36. [ ] They have a mental disorder.
37. [ ] They have an emotional disorder. 
38. [ ] They struggle to stay sane.
39. [ ] They are a psycho. 
40. [ ] They have multiple personalities. 
41. [/] They are very intelligent. (Eh he's no genius but he is the alternate universe equivalent version of an ER surgeon so he has to have SOME kind of smarts)
42. [ ] They have hallucinations. 
43. [ ] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc. 
44. [X] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet. (Have I introduced you guys to the Leanov Entity yet)
45. [ ] They have a guardian spirit. 
46. [ ] They have a 'special type' of soul.
47. [ ] Their soul is not the same as them. 
48. [ ] They can talk to spirits/ghosts.
49. [ ] Some part of their body glows. 
50. [/] They have a rare/unusual name. (Idk there are people named Xerxes right? Like historically?)
51. [ ] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, etc. 
52. [X] They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth/a young age. (He was 8 and Naomi was 2)
53. [ ] They are connected with a certain element.
54. [ ] They are connected with a certain animal.
55. [ ] They always dress like a certain 'label'. (He wears his uniform a lot????)
56. [ ] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga.  ( I don't think so what do you guys think?)
57. [/] They are a race/species that is discriminated/against/misunderstood. (In the world he lives in type B humans are very rare because any human that passes through an interdimentional "portal" will become sterile, i.e. no babbies)
58. [ ] They have a certain power that is misunderstood/feared. 
59. [ ] They live/lived on the streets at some point in their lives. 
60. [ ] They are hiding from someone/something. 
61. [ ] They have a rare blood type.
62. [ ] They cry blood.
63. [ ] Certain noises/smells/situations/etc. make their powers activate/give them a nervous breakdown. 
64. [X] They are from a different country to where they live (try a whole 'nother universe)
65. [ ] They are very mysterious/dark. 
66. [ ] They are very lively/happy.
67. [ ] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly. 
68. [ ] They are very patient.
69. [ ] They are from a long line of assassins. 
70. [x] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear. (He kinda has to wear the arm brace to prevent his dysfunctional limb from getting in the way)
71. [ ] They have amnesia.
72. [ ] The have some sort of harmful curse upon them. 
73. [ ] They are involved in some sort of prophecy.
74. [ ]  They are 'the chosen one'.
75. [ ] They have insomnia.

Overall Points : 15 I think


Point Reduction ::
Take points off your OC's overall score if they fit any of the following statements ::

1. [ ] They smoke. 
2. [ ] They are an alcoholic. 
3. [ ] They are overweight. 
4. [ ] They are addicted to drugs. 
5. [ ] They have a short temper. 
6. [ ] They enjoy bullying others.
7. [ ] They do not care much about others. 
8. [ ] They are relatively emotionless.
9. [X] They have some sort of permanent medical condition. (I could make you a listttttttt but I won't)

Total: 1


05 :: Anti-Sue.
Your character may be a bit on the boring side. Of course, this does depend, but generally if they score that low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit. 

06-15 :: Balanced Character.
If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though. 

16-25 :: Borderline Mary-Sue. 
We have a problem. You need to tone your character down. They are most likely a bit annoying to others, too.

26 :: Mary-Sue. 
Please revise your character... NOW.


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Welcome, test subject.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey I'm Sam but you can call me Dragontamer75 or DT75 for short. I am the proud founder of :iconevil-ais: and a few other groups. My life's goal is to be a famous video game producer and designer. I love the video game Portal to pieces and robots are a large part of my art influence.


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